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102                      THE FATE OF MAN

class still has hopes of salvation by changing his
class-consciousness; he always has the possi-
bility of adopting the Marxist theory and becom-
ing a communist or even a peoples* commissar.
According to the race theory there is no hope of
salvation, whatever: if you were born a Jew or
a negro, no change of consciousness or belief
or conviction can save you, you are doomed. A
Jew may become a Christian : that does him no
good. Even if he becomes a national-socialist,
he cannot be saved. It is just as impossible to
become a true German " Aryan " as to become
a Jew. Both are born, not made. This is
absolute determinism, fatalism. But Christianity
is a religion of spiritual liberty: it denies fatalism
or determinism. And since the fatalism of race
is more fundamental than that of class, the former
involves the greater dehumanization. From the
Christian point of view, Hitlerism is more
dangerous than Communism, since the latter
struggles openly and directly against Christianity
as against all religion, while Hitlerism demands a
violent deformation of Christianity from within,
altering the Christian faith itself in favour of
the racialist theory and the dictatorship of the
Third Reich.

Both Nationalism and racialism are inevitably
connected with etatism. The realization of some
great mission by a race or a nation, the accom-